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Puppy Program

This is specially designed to provide your furry friend with the best start in life. From basic commands to socialization and potty training, our program sets the foundation for a strong bond between you and your pup, ensuring they grow into a happy and well-behaved member of your family.

Board and Train

Our Board and Train program is the ultimate solution for pet owners seeking professional training for their dogs. With our years of experience working with top-tier working dogs and service animals, we offer an immersive training experience that goes beyond basic obedience.

Behavioral Modification

At Poseidon K9, we understand that every dog is unique, and behavioral issues can be a challenge for both the pet and the owner. Our Behavioral Modification program is designed to address a wide range of issues, from anxiety and aggression to fear and compulsive behaviors.

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Whether you have a puppy, young dog, or older dog; big or small, we can help train them all!

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All of our programs are fully customized to each dog!

About Us

Hello! I’m Jilian 👏

I’m the Head Trainer for Poseidon K9 dog training. I have over 10+ years’ of dog training experience; from working with our nation’s elite top tier working dogs, to service and therapy dogs, I now bring that experience to pet owners along the southeast coast.

I have always had a love for animals, and I could often be found volunteering at a local animal clinic or shelter in my free time. In 2011, I graduated from Florida Institute of Technology with my B.Sc. in Marine Biology, but I still loved animal behavior, so I minored in Psychology as well.

After years of working as a field biologist in the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Ocean, I made the career switch in 2015 to dog training with 3K9 Working Dogs. I trained service dogs for people with various disabilities: anxiety, Autism, depression, diabetes, mobility disabilities, narcolepsy, physical disabilities, psychiatric disabilities, PTSD, seizures, TBI, etc. In 2016, I worked for Trikos International and the Warrior Dog Foundation, working with the nation’s most elite top tier working dogs.

All of our Programs are fully customized to each dog!

Puppy Training

YoungDogs /OlderDogs

Behavioral Modification

We Are Here To Help

There is no such thing as a BAD DOG. Only BAD behaviors!

Put a STOP to Bad Behavior!

Uncontrollable barking, pulling during walks, biting, snapping or excessive jumping on guests? Does this sound like your dog? We can help stop all of these bad behaviors!

What Our Clients Says About Us

“Jilian works well with the dogs. She enjoys what she does and it shows. She wants what is best for the dogs. She is very knowledgeable and works with a professional attitude. I wouldn’t hesitate to take any of my dogs to Jilian for training or help with a problem that I am having with any of my dogs.”

Danielle P. West Ashley, SC

“Admittedly we have done a terrible job training our boy Max. My wife and I just had our first child and we knew we needed to get his destructive behavior under control. He wouldn’t listen, he chewed on furniture, walks were hard because he pulled everywhere. Two weeks he was gone which while we missed him, have us some breathing room. We timed it with the birth of our child and we’re hesitant but I can’t say how happy we are enough. Thank you thank you thank you!”

Jacob Mount Pleasant, SC

“I cannot recommend Jilian enough!! We needed help with our corgi who has always been dog aggressive but we tried to ignore it. When we were downtown she started barking at other dogs and then people. We tried to fix her behavior on our own but didn’t have any success. We reached out to another trainer, and upon returning home she was just as bad as we left her. We were nervous about trying to find another person but after meeting Jilian we knew she was the one to help us. She made us feel at ease. We hate hate hate leaving our girl but we knew we had to get her help. Jilian kept us updated every step of the way. She is a complex different dog. I can’t tell you how nice it is to sit outside on a patio with our dog and have a meal with no worries. If you need a trainer call Jilian.”

Jefferey and Lisa, Charleston, SC

“I highly recommend Poseidon K9 Dog Training. As inexperienced Malinois owners (adoption/rescue surprise!), we needed a little extra help working with our Malinois, Charlie. Jilian made the consultation process easy, answering every question thoroughly. Throughout her stay, she provided us with video updates on progress and was easy to get a hold of if we had any questions. After four weeks of board and train, the difference in our dog was night and day. We have been extremely happy with the results and are doing our best to continue the training through the knowledge transfer provided when we picked up our dog. So far so good!”

Steve Van Horn from Folly Beach, SC

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